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Experience Premium Quality Beef with Our Quarter Beef Cuts!

If you're a beef enthusiast looking to elevate your culinary experience, our Quarter Beef option is the perfect choice for you! With approximately 125 pounds of premium beef cuts carefully selected to ensure the highest quality, this offering promises to delight your taste buds. Our cuts are versatile enough to inspire a wide array of culinary creations. From hearty stews to sizzling grills, the possibilities are endless with our premium beef selection.

Reserve Your Order Today

Reserving a Quarter Beef is a seamless process. Simply place a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your order today, with the final payment of $700 due before delivery or pickup. We assure our customers that they are investing in top-quality beef that is worth every penny.

Visit our website to learn more about what we offer or to place an order.

Image: Southern Wake Catte Co. Quarter Beef

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