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**Expected delivery December 2024**

Welcome to Southern Wake Cattle Co.

We are a local Veteran-owned business located in Fuquay-Varina, NC. We focus on offering the highest quality beef. We offer quarters, halves, and whole beef. However, we also have smaller options that include beef bundles and ground beef bundles. Head to our Bulletin Section to learn more about each option.

Thanks for stopping by!

Our cows are grass fed and grain finish. We do not give growth hormones or steroids to our animals 

Chris Dean

"These folks were amazing to work with from the Initial questions (first time ordering beef like this) to the final delivery. you just can't beat the farm to table quality. We grilled some filet mignons that melted in your mouth like butter. The next night we made burgers! They where absolutely amazing!"

Tara Nichole Childers

"This has been the best quality of meat we have ever tasted. Purchased a quarter and it was hand delivered by the owners straight from the butcher. The meat is professionally vacuum sealed and labeled. The quality, service and price are unmatched."

Freddy Medina

"I just received my 1/4 cow this past weekend, they delivered it while I was out of town and tucked in my freezer. Wow that is customer service! Now the beef... the 1st thing I made was 3 pounds of ground beef. The flavor, texture and just how eye pleasing is the ground beef is just amazing. I have never seen ground beef like this, ever in no supermarket. You don't believe me, contact me, I have plenty of pictures. The next day I opened the huge skirt steak that came with the set. That thing was massive, tender, minimal silver skin, barely any fat to trim off (although I don't mind fat to make tallow) this steak was out of this world. I seared mine after marinating it in a classic Puerto Rican adobo, and it was the tastiest piece of meat I have had in a while. Better than the beef I got at the Angus Barn this past weekend... and that's something.

As I was taking the skirt steak out of my freezer I ran into over 4 lbs of just cow fat. Now this was a good surprise. Tallow is  so expensive and those of us in some sort of anti-inflammatory diet know that tallow is a great fat to cook with and also very expensive. The cool thing is that it is very easy to make, just simmer all of the fat for 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally. I ended up with a full gallon of tallow, and judging by the price of tallow at Wall Mart, one pays about $1 per ounce. This gallon is worth over $168.



Customer Service


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This purchase is undoubtedly and absolutely worth every penny!

Thank you Southern Cattle & Co"

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